Artist, Registered Art Therapist and Art Tutor ~ I have an intuitive flexible approach with 20 years experience teaching and facilitating private 1:1 art tutoring, art groups and workshops.  I fully support the Arts & Health view that creativity can enhance people’s health and wellbeing.  Please see events page for upcoming workshops or contact me for more information…

I co-ordinate and tutor individual private art classes, group art workshops and specific art projects that can be adapted for a broad range of ages and abilities – providing a creative space that enables individuals to explore their creativity with as much support, guidance and tuition as they require.

Person-centred directive or non-directive teaching methods can help individuals develop their interest and skills in art-making in their own way – their experience is valued equally to their individual way of working and what they choose to create.

Please contact me with details of your specific requirements for private individual art tutoring or group workshop to be held within your organisation.